Military Micronutrient Formulation of Micro Daily
With nearly 100 years of combined medical and scientific expertise in antioxidant nutrition and genetic research. An elect Medical Advisory Team developed MMF® for maximum efficacy from the cellular level on up to the fortification and renewal of all vital body systems. The Military Micronutrient Formulation is a dynamic combination of vital micronutrients formulated together like never before.
Thorough studies were done to ensure each micronutrient included is in its proper ratio and using its natural isoforms. By formulating in this way, each nutrient is more congruous with each other nutrient for maximum potency.
The CQF Standard (Combination, Quantity, Form) clearly separates MMF® from everything else and is the key to effectiveness of MMF’s® formulation.
*Dr. Haase explains the CQF difference…
James Ehrlich, MD
Dr. James Ehrlich is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Colorado (endocrinology) and was an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the department of medicine at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington DC from 1999-2012.
Ehrlich established Early Detection Technologies, LLC which advises on best practices involving novel biomarkers, diagnostic testing and cardiovascular risk assessment, imaging technologies and radiation protection. With an Aspen Colorado internist, he established Aspen Preventive Health, a cardiometabolic clinical testing program beginning operations in September 2013. Since 2001, Dr. Ehrlich has been a medical advisor to Premier Micronutrient Corporation working with radiation biologists and anti-oxidant scientists to study and produce novel patented micronutrient formulations for biologic radiation and environmental toxin protection, neurocognitive and general health. In 2013, he was the interim medical director for Level 1 Diagnostics in Colorado, an organization which brings advanced cardiovascular risk assessment tools to physician practices in order to personalize and better target preventive medicine strategies.
Switching careers from anesthesiology to personalized preventive/diagnostic medicine with “high tech risk assessment”, he founded and became the medical director of Colorado Heart and Body Imaging in Denver, two diagnostic facilities using electron beam tomography (EBT) and numerous other modalities for the early detection of coronary and vascular disease, sleep apnea, osteoporosis and some cancers. By 2002, Colorado Heart and Body Imaging became the “nation’s most technologically advanced and versatile screening center”. Beginning in 1999, Dr. Ehrlich has also medically directed HeartScanWashington DC, HeartScan Houston and HeartScan Indiana while consulting for several other imaging centers nationally.
From 2007 to 2009, Ehrlich had served as the chief medical officer of Atherotech, a Birmingham-based cardio-diagnostic laboratory where his primary role involved the education of physicians in lipid medicine and the use of genetic, metabolomic and proteomic biomarkers for primary and secondary prevention. From 2011-2012, Cardionexus, a Houston-based affiliate of Panasonic Healthcare employed Dr. Ehrlich as senior medical advisor for the launch and promotion of the CardioHealth workstation, an FDA approved automated vascular ultrasound device. Teaching and communicating new ideas and introducing emerging technologies to the physician and proactive citizen have also been an avocation. Considered an authority in the integration of imaging, physiologic and laboratory diagnostic technologies with conventional office based assessment, Dr. Ehrlich has delivered over 200 lectures to physician audiences on 5 continents and is the course co-director for two annual symposia on preventive medicine and preventive cardiology. Over the past 15 years, Ehrlich has made over 200 appearances on national and regional TV and radio discussing new methods for the early detection of disease and emerging concepts in prevention and personalized medicine. A co-author of a multimedia CD called “The Physician’s Guide to Coronary Imaging”, he is now editing a preventive medicine guide for the proactive consumer and creating a consumer health website—the book and website will involve 50 of the nation’s top physician experts in preventive medicine.
Involved in atherosclerosis research with investigators at two medical schools, Dr. Ehrlich is a founding member of the Society of Atherosclerosis Imaging and a co-founder of the Society of Cardiovascular CT. He is an active contributor to and task force member of SHAPE—the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication. Most of his research has focused on the monitoring of subclinical atherosclerosis in insulin resistant states and in Type 1 diabetes. More recent research involves atherosclerosis in kidney failure patients and clinical studies involving biologic radiation protection. In June 2013, Dr, Ehrlich received the Ambassador of Bergamotto research award in Calabria Italy for his organization of clinical studies on an anti-oxidant rich fruit (bergamot). He is currently studying the cardiometabolic and hepatic effects of a proprietary extract of the bergamot citrus fruit.
After graduating with honors from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1976 at age 23, he did his internship and residency training at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where he had been a Clinical Asst. Professor in the department of anesthesiology, a specialty he had practiced for twenty years. In 2009, he created the IDA (“Identify Disease in Advance”) Medical Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide access to advanced early detection tests in heart disease and cancer to individuals, regardless of ability to pay. As a creative endeavor, James Ehrlich is currently writing the novel which forms the basis for a medical detective television drama series treatment he co-created, currently being “shopped” in Los Angeles.
Gerald M. Haase, MD