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This is my personal testimonial on Micro Daily.
4 years ago, I was a construction worker. I took a side job to make extra money and offered my services to pain a loft for the lady we built the cottage for. At the first stroke of paint brush, the ladder slipped and I fell 14 feet and broke my foot. Snapped the ball of my foot in half and a bone on top of my foot.
It's been 4 years of tremendous discomfort and the only solution I was offered by my doctor was to get my foot fused. There is no way I was going to do that. I kept hoping for another solution.
I tried a variety of products in the last 4 years and none were really working. The discomfort would come back. Especially when temperatures changed.
It's now April 11th 2018 and I started using Micro-Daily 3 and half weeks ago. After the second week, I would wake up without the stiffness and my foot already felt looser.
The only thing I changed in my diet was that I added Micro-Daily. I also noticed an increase in energy and focus. Not like a buzz but a steady and clean feeling unlike I got with energy drinks. I don't feel any crash after a few hours like I got with the drinks.
My wife stated using it as well and whatever was causing her head aches, to the point of vomiting, has gone. She works as a nurse aid and need to pay attention to her work. Your health depends on it, lol
For myself, I also noticed that it helps my stomach and seems to help me being more regular. I feel happier too if that makes sense. It seems to act on stress.
I was really worried about my foot since I have 2 children that I still need to play with and chase around. It definitely feels great to feel normal again. One thing I know for sure is that the discomfort and inflammation have gone away and it's due to Micro-Daily. It was getting to the point of not getting decent sleeps and a numbness going up my leg and my back. It's all gone now.
I will update my testimonial as I notice more things happening. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope Micro-Daily can help you as much as it did for me. It's a life changer.
Engage Global, the company that sells Micro Daily also has a high protein meal replacement. I started using it last week and lost 4 pounds so far. I don't know if it's the protein shake that did it at this point but I am hoping for the same results the micronutrients did for my foot. It tastes really good. I got both, chocolate and vanilla flavor and even made muffins with it. Actually my wife made them. Will keep you updated on how that goes. I only need 20 pounds off. Not that drastic. But the formulation and ingredients are exceptional. That surely will give me the right protein either way.
Now, here is something I don't share with even friends because of embarrassment. You know when they say you work your a** off. Well I literally did that. I use to load trucks before construction and the shop wasn't equiped to do some of the work. I was lifting beams that were way too heavy. It started with hemorrhoids and turned into a prolapse. That is when your insides comes out from lifting. It lead to a Sphincterotomy. that was in 2006. Since then, i've had small infections, cuts and bleeding. That seems to have gone away too. No more cuts or bleeding which should prevent the infections. Hoping for the best on that one. Time will tell.
Nevertheless, I am very impressed at the results Micro Daily is bringing me. I am sticking to it. If you are trying it, like any other products, you need to give it time to work it's magic. As a health fanatic due to my problems, I know that it takes time and, most people won't see results if they don't stick to their new regiment. It takes about 3 months for your body to become saturated with those micronutrients but, I already feel the effects. I am looking forward to more changes. Don't give up on being healthier. Do it for your children. Just stick to it.
I am an independent representative of Engage Global and I would be glad to answer any questions you may have. In the mean time, take care of your health and enjoy your visit.