MicroDaily Capsules & Hydro Ingredients
Micro Daily leverages the power of a patent-protected antioxidant micronutrient formula to specifically support biologic processes that reduces oxidative stress and reduces inflammation.
To ensure maximum absorption and benefit from Micro Daily's patented protected combination of micronutrients, it is recommended that two capsules of Micro Daily be taken twice daily roughly 8-12 hours apart.
Micro Daily has been proven in clinical trials, in a lab, and in life.
MMF now "MicroDaily" (Same formulation, just new name) was created to help Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors become as healthy as possible, from the inside out.
Boosting the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress is one of Micro Daily’s many benefits.
In humans, Oxidative Stress & Micronutrient deficiencies have been shown to be involved in the development of certain diseases like:
Cancer --- Autism Infection --- Diabetes Neurological Diseases Cardiovascular Disease Anxiety --- Arthritis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Tinnitus & Hearing Loss Fibromyalgia
And the list goes on… Micro Daily is a powerful weapon to help against these issues.
*We are happy to accept any unopened product for a full refund if requested.
**Micro Daily is complete and designed to stand alone. Do not take any other single or multivitamins while using Micro Daily. Adding additional vitamins, minerals or antioxidants could overload the body. Omega three fatty acids such as Fish Oil are okay to consume while on Micro Daily®.
**If you are anemic, take your iron supplement 3-4 hours before or after consuming MMF. MMF does not contain Iron. This is important to you because when someone takes iron and Vitamin C at the same time it creates harmful toxins and chemicals called free radicals.